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FINAL SALE!, Warranty, & DealsUpdated 22 days ago

TD Deals:

Q: What is classified as a "Deal" Item?

A: Seasonal Markdowns, Flash Deals, or Temporary Deals. (ie: Items with a temporary percentage off that ARE eligible for returns & warranty)

Q: Are "Deal" Items eligible for Warranty Replacements/Refunds?

A: Yes, we honor warranty replacements/refunds on Deal Items. If the item is defective please email a brief description of the issue and images to [email protected], our customer service line.


Q: What is classified as a "FINAL SALE!" Item?

A: Permanent Markdowns, Discontinued Items/Styles, and Final Clear-out. (ie: Items with a permanent percentage off that ARE NOT eligible for returns, exchanges, or warranty)

Q: Are "FINAL SALE!" items eligible for Warranty Replacements/Refunds?

A: No, we DO NOT honor warranty replacements/refunds or exchanges on "FINAL SALE!" Items. Upon ordering a "FINAL SALE!" Item, the customer is required to check the "FINAL SALE!" box. This box is an agreement/acknowledgement of "FINAL SALE!" Protocol. Once the ordered is placed, the item is sold AS IS!

Warranty Policy:

Q: What is your Warranty Policy for TD Apparel, MTHD, & Battle Brief's?

A: We have a 3 month warranty for all of our house brands: TD Apparel, MTHD, & Battle Brief's. If an item shipped out is defective, or an issue arises within 3 months of when the order is placed; please email a brief description of the issue, images, and the order number to [email protected], our customer service line. 

Q: What is the Warranty Policy for Vendor Brands?

A: Each of our Vendors is unique to their own policy. If an item from one of our Vendor Brands is defective or has an issue, please reach out to the Vendor first. Feel free to reach out to [email protected], our customer service line, if you need any additional information from us. (ie. Sales Order Confirmation) 

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